In 1949, Meiko Kaiun (Meiko Trans Co., Ltd.) was founded in Nagoya, Japan. The growing demand for its services was beyond expectations and global expansion was imminent. In 1970, Meiko was a key player in the development of a small distribution company in Seattle, Washington, which was established at the bequest of Honda Motor Company. Soon later, Meiko began providing U.S. based distribution services for other companies headquartered in the Far East. In 1973, Meiko America, Inc. was officially incorporated and provided an array of logistics services for many U.S. and foreign-based companies in Seattle, Oakland, and Long Beach.

Within a decade, New Jersey and Chicago operations were developed to provide an expanded service area. During the 1980's, operations in Dallas, New York, Columbus, Ontario, and Memphis were added to support the growing customer base.

Today, Meiko America Inc. continues to provide both traditional and non-traditional services across the country. Meiko America, Inc. also has financial interest in, and partial ownership of Japao Logistica, Otda. In Sao Paulo, Brazil and Meiko Trans Polska Sp. z.o.o in Gliwice, Poland.

The Heritage and Vision of Meiko America, Inc.

Meiko America, Inc. has provided extended services to the overseas customers of our parent company, Meiko Trans Co., Ltd. for over three decades. Meiko America Inc. exists solely to enhance service and support for our clients. In recognition of this principle, it is our HERITAGE and remains our top priority to first and foremost serve and support all of our business partners with every professional means at our disposal.

Our VISION is to anticipate the needs and to exceed the expectations of every company we work with. Meiko America Inc. is committed to provide impeccable service and maintain a collaborative business relationship. Our management is dedicated to responsiveness, initiative, and imagination, keeping pace with those who rely upon us. Our VISION is to serve you!

The Mission of Meiko America, Inc.

Our commitment to our Customers:

It is our goal to continue to give superior cost values to our customers in a challenging 3rd Party Logistics world. It is our goal to expand our current service to you in all aspects of your business.

Our commitment to our Associates:

You, our associates, are our most valuable asset. Our goal is to provide a safe, friendly atmosphere that promotes a collaborative atmosphere, which will bring success for both you and Meiko.