Beginning January 1, 2020 verified California residents will have the right:

To respond to your request, we will need to collect information from you to verify your identity and to enable us to link the information we hold to your verified identity. The verification process helps ensure that we are honoring your requests for information about you, and not about someone else. You must be 18 years of age or older to make a request; if you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must make the request on your behalf.

Step 1: Select Disclosure

For requests for specific information about you (#2) and for deletion of your information (#4) please print, complete, sign, and upload the Declaration.

Step 2: Verifying your Identity

We will match information you provide here with our records so that we have a reasonable or reasonably high degree of certainty that you are the individual you claim to be.




Acceptable format: 310-483-7400 or 1-81-24-582-0071

Step 3: Authorized Agents

If you are making the request as an authorized agent of the above individual please upload a copy of the Power Of Attorney or, in the absence of a Power of Attorney, other written authorization and required supporting documentation here.

Notice to current, former, and prospective employees of Meiko America Inc.: The CCPA does not apply to information that we collect from you related to your capacity as an applicant or current or former employee of Meiko America Inc. Current employees should refer to the employee handbook, and all others can read our privacy policy to understand the information we collect, its sources and uses, and how we share it.

Notice to employees, contractors, owners, officers, and directors of business partners: Information about employees, contractors, owners, officers, and directors of companies with whom we do business is exempt from the CCPA.