In today’s competitive business environment, the international logistics provider needs to also act as an information provider. Relevant and up to date information is provided to our customers through our domestic and off shore offices and many partners around the world.

Innovative computer technology developed for warehousing and trucking operations, has made our physical operations more productive. The information provided by Meiko is playing a very important role in arranging international shipments enabling our customer’s valuable cargo to be moved safely and quickly from origin to destination.

Meiko America, Inc. utilizes our proprietary Meiko Export System (MES), to manage our International Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding division. Our Warehousing division uses SSA WMS 4000 to manage real time information. Our Custom House Broker division uses the ABI system thru Smart Border software. Our manufacturing facility uses Cargo Management System (CMS) for their needs. Our property brokerage division uses Compcare Transportation Management systems. Each system mentioned has flexibility to meet and adaptability to meet any client specification.

Meiko America, Inc. has a disaster recovery plan that includes both an East coast and West coast site location to ensure that our customer’s information remain safe and secure. Our data centers are monitored by our staff and are positioned in industry standard conditioned facilities.